The industry you are a part of or the size of your company make no difference. Kontek has solutions for your payroll management. You are afforded ready access with our online solutions and working with our cloud-based solutions is safe and worry-free.

We offer web-based programs and services within the following areas:

  • Payroll system
  • Time & attendance system
  • Travel expense system
  • Staffing system
  • HR-support
  • Backup - payroll
  • Backup - travel & attendance

In addition to these, we have all the other necessary components for an efficient payroll process, such as terminal solutions. And, of course, all our software programs can be used separately or integrated into complete solutions.

Our solutions are based on modern technology without the need for plug-ins. Because our solutions include cloud services, our customers can choose to either run their entire payroll management themselves, or to outsource some services via Kontek Outsourcing. These services are not only linked to software, but are also services of a payroll specific nature, including options such as backup agreements, pension administration for Collectum, accounting for holiday debt, report mangament and end of year agreement.

Quite simply, this means antoher dimension for our customers, because our cloud services together with our outsourcing offerings enable flexible and efficient solutions.