Efficient payroll management requires many different parts to function as a whole. It's about utilising the right support systems and having control over routines. Take advantage of Kontek's extensive experience of payroll and personnel administration to overhaul your payroll processes.

Maria Ericsson

Here at Kontek we are passionate about taking full responsibility for the payroll process. Our consultants have solid experience and can assist with everything from analyses of existing payroll processes to the implementation and development of new solutions. We work diligently in a structured manner based on our proven project and delivery models, which ensure both the quality and progress of the projects. And we have a clear focus – to improve, develop and do everything in our power to make the work more efficient at our customers. Welcome to Kontek! 

Maria Ericsson, CEO at Kontek

Our services include:

  • Analysis of your company's payroll processes
  • Project management, contract interpretation, structuring and training in conjunction with system installation
  • Customer-specific, on-site training for individual employees or groups
  • Customer-specific initiatives to boost employees or improve systems
  • Training and seminar days across Sweden
  • Level-based consulting days on various subjects and products
  • IT support during system installation and for operational solutions

Get in touch with us – our consultants can turn "good" into "great"!