Customer references and scenarios

Apart from knowing a lot about payroll we are also passionate about taking our customers´payroll management personally. And it doesn´t really matter what industry you work in, the size of your company. That said, we are of most benefit to companies with 25-1,000 employees.

Different customer scenarios

All company's want to issue monthly salaries – sometimes outsourcing is a safe and secure option for all or parts of the work: 


»Suddenly, our Finance Department was in The Netherlands«

People working for international corporations know that organisations get restructured.  In this case, the entire Finance Department was relocated to The Netherlands. While the confused and perplexed service organisation stayed in Sweden. They contacted us here at Kontek and we helped them establish a new outsourcing solution which ensured that Swedish salaries were paid at the right time, with the right amount and in the right way. For us it's relatively simple, since we're already familiar with all contracts, remuneration and tax regulations. And employees at the company feel more assured, because they know that they can always talk to us if they are wondering about something – and in Swedish. Or, more accurately, Smålandian.


»When ”Payroll Lotta” fell ill there was total panic«

It's not unusual for people to get sick. But when it happens to the payroll administrator – at the completely wrong time – people start to panic. It's not uncommon for our telephones to ring with desperate voices asking us to get them out of a difficult situation. We then create a secure and sustainable solution with some of our experienced payroll consultants. In this company, "Payroll Lotta" returned after one year and now works with payroll administration only half-time. Here at Kontek we lend our support and take care of the remaining 50 percent. Both Lotta and the company feel assured.