About Kontek

Here at Kontek, our focus is single-minded. We focus on you and your company. And we'll never give up until you're satisfied. To simplify, relieve your workload and develop your company is the core of our business. This isn't strange, actually. We do what we enjoy the most and are best at: Taking a personal interest in your payroll management. So call us perfectionists or single-minded if you want to, but we love what we do. We've always done so – ever since our founding in 1934. Try out one of our services or products and you'll know full-well what we mean.

We specialise in the payroll process

Take advantage of our extensive experience in payroll administration to ensure secure payroll management at your company and to prepare for tomorrow's technological and functional demands. Our online solutions provide you with the tools necessary to confront future requirements head-on for efficient and reliable payroll management.

Maria Ericsson, CEO and Niklas Brenning, owner of Kontek.

Kontek has grown to become one of Sweden's leading specialist companies within payroll administration, and we provide an array of flexible solutions which can be tailored to each customer's particular needs and requirements. Whether you need assistance with a new system, a training programme or any and all aspects of payroll management, working with us is effortless, secure and convenient.

Our business concept
We handle payroll processes for Swedish companies.

Our core values

Company facts

  • Specialist firm with products and services covering the entire payroll process
  • approximately 150 employees
  • Head office in Ljungby, south of Sweden
  • Offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Värnamo
  • Founded in Stockholm in 1934
  • Offers outsourcing for the entire payroll process or parts thereof
  • The new Kontek Lön system was launched in the autumn of 2015, and is a brand-new online payroll system

Our vision – We shall have the best reputation in the industry!

Payroll administration is a support function, not a core process. Nevertheless, no company can deny the importance of well-functioning payroll management. All employees want the right salary on the right day. There are laws and contracts to take into consideration. And what company can afford to have inefficient administration?

Payroll administration is a matter close to our hearts. In addition to knowing everything about the payroll process, we are passionate about taking a personal interest in our customers' payroll management. That's why the support we lend our customers is a critical linchpin – it's crucial for us to be receptive and approachable in our meetings with our customers.

Another vital element is for us to have the ability to tailor-make solutions for our customers. The industry you are a part of or whether you are in the private or public sector doesn't matter. And it makes no difference whether you have five or five thousand employees. That being said, we are able to streamline payroll management for all types of businesses, but we provide the greatest benefit for companies with 50 or more employees – companies of this size can least afford to have an inefficient payroll process. And it to this type of company that we can be the perfect payroll partner. 

Our goal is to offer our customers the best payroll products and services on the market, thereby contributing to better and more efficient payroll administration.

Payroll management spanning more than five decades

The business was founded in 1934 with a form board for wage payments and as an agent for diverse office equipment.

In 1947, a law was introduced declaring that income tax was to be deducted directly by employers, and no longer paid in by employees themselves. This reform resulted in business increasing exponentially.  

At the beginning of the 1980s, the PC made its way into offices and was initially regraded as a threat to Kontek's business. But instead of becoming irrelevant, we changed with the times and adapted our products so that they could function in a computerised environment.

After several years of intensive development work, we launched the Kontek Lön payroll program in 1999. A next-generation payroll program that ushered the company into an exciting new millennium. Over the last few years, Kontek has evolved from being a software program company into a specialist firm. This means we offer an array of programs and services which help our customers to streamline all parts of the payroll process.