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Three payroll solutions....

You do the job

You manage the payroll work securely and efficiently with our cloud-based systems.

Cloud-based systems

We do the job

We take care of your entire company's payroll management via our flexible outsourcing solutions.


We do it togheter

You choose which parts of the payroll management you want to manage yourself and which parts you want us to help you with

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A profitable story with five parts. Payroll processing can be confusing, complex and sometimes very costly. The most common challenges are everything from undeveloped approaches to paying the right salary at the right time, but, if everything is done correctly - with the right structure, routines and integrated system support - it is possible to make real saving.

Maria Ericsson, CEO

Take advantage of our extensive experience in payroll administration to ensure secure payroll management at your company and to prepare for tomorrow's technological and functional demands. Our online solutions provide you with the tools necessary to confront future requirements head-on for efficient and reliable payroll management.